Borrowing money with advice is wiser

Borrowing money with advice is wiser

Do you have a house for sale, do you live together, do you have a permanent or a temporary contract? You will be asked a lot when applying for a loan. It can be uncomfortable to discuss these matters with an advisor.

I understand that customers sometimes wonder why we want to know so much about them when they apply for a loan. Whether it is better to apply for a loan 'even' without an advisor. Nevertheless, advice when applying for your loan is very valuable!

Information when applying for a loan

Information when applying for a loan

So many people, so many situations, so many loans. Everyone is different and no loan application is the same. Good Credit providers provide an estimate of the risk per application. The lower the risk, the easier (and often cheaper) it is to borrow money.

Loan advantage for homeowners

The risks depend on your individual situation. Borrowing money when you have a permanent contract is assessed differently than when you want to borrow money with a temporary contract.

People with an owner-occupied home can also borrow money at an attractive interest rate thanks to the security that their own home offers. And did you know that you are eligible for tax benefit when you use your loan for your residual debt? Your adviser can tell you everything about this.

Borrow responsibly

Borrow responsibly

Borrowing money as cheaply as possible is naturally very pleasant. But for us, it is just as important that you borrow money responsibly. It should not be the case that you financially take too much hay on your fork and after a month already get into financial trouble because of your loan.

A small detail in your application can make a big difference. It is a waste of money if you unnecessarily pay too much for your loan every month!

That is why at Good Credit we find family advice when applying for a loan indispensable. For everyone! Because even if you have a financial background, it makes sense to talk to a consultant.

The Good Credit advisers of Good Credit are constantly informed. This way we are always up to date with the latest developments in the field of borrowing money. We incorporate this in our advice. This way you are assured of the best loan and you pay the most favorable interest.

Meet our Good Credit advisers

Knowing more? Meet our Good Credit advisers on our website or request a quote directly to hear from one of them what is the most suitable loan for you.

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