Load credit onto credit card

Load credit onto credit card

A few years ago you hardly needed a credit card at all - if you had to pay something, you could do it in cash directly at the cash register or with the EC card. A lot has changed since then. The popularity of online shops is increasing year by year and a credit card is also required for many subscription models on the Internet.

Especially if you want to buy cheaper abroad, eg B. in England or the USA, almost nothing works without a credit card. Many shops also accept the PayPal online payment method, but not all of them. Paying with a credit card, on the other hand, is not a problem abroad, but standard. But not every German shop accepts PayPal or other payment systems that only require a checking account, as they have to pay fees for this.

You have to register with the other payment systems first

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So if you want to strike quickly and want a cheap offer, you'll be unlucky if the shop doesn't accept one of these payment systems. Then it means first of all: register again and have to wait again if necessary - and in the worst case you have a new account with some payment service, but the offer is gone.

However, this is only half the truth, because you can have a credit card in the form of a credit card or prepaid credit card - it is not clear to the online retailer whether you have a "real" credit card or just a prepaid credit card. Card is card - the difference would only be recognized by a local dealer, because the prepaid credit card only differs in appearance from a full-fledged credit card in one respect: the digits are not punched out.

A credit card is accepted almost everywhere, especially abroad

Because you can not only pay quickly and easily as a customer, but also as a seller you can get your money quickly and securely - if you have a credit card, the general assumption is that you also have creditworthiness and thus reduce the risk of default .

The reason for this is that the prepaid credit card cannot be used in the direct debit or Ritsch Ratsch procedure, as this means that late debits are possible and not direct. But the Ritsch Ratsch process is hardly to be found in Europe anymore, it is more or less only used occasionally in North America and countries with a poor technological infrastructure (usually: developing countries / emerging countries).

A credit card must always be topped up as it has no credit line.

A credit card must always be topped up as it has no credit line.

However, this is relatively simple: you only have to transfer an amount from another account to the credit card account - and that's it. This can be done at a bank with a bank transfer, but also via online banking - or you can pay the credit into the credit card account in cash if the prepaid credit card is offered by a local bank. Then you can freely dispose of the credit. This transfer is restricted only to the fact that the provider of the prepaid credit card usually asks for a minimum amount on the first top-up, eg B. 100 dollars, which must be exceeded with the first transfer.

Otherwise, the credit card / prepaid credit card has the same advantages as a normal credit card: You can shop worldwide without a Schufa information (because: credit card = credit rating) as part of the credit on the credit card and also withdraw cash. The prepaid credit card is also very suitable as a pocket money card, since children can only spend what is available in credit.

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